Growing up in an evangelical church and household, Advent never meant much more than the opportunity to open some cardboard windows to me.

But the lest few years, while I have been on my Franciscan journey, I have realised Advent means alot more to the Christian faith and have glimpsed something mystical about it I never saw before.

adventWikipedia suggests Advent is the “time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas” which confuses me. “Expectant waiting” suggests we’re waiting for a surprise, but we know what happened, Jesus was born, and what will happen, Christmas day will arrive on the 25th. Also, what are we in “preparation” for? Christmas day? Making sure we’ve bought the presents and food?

Clearly this “expectant waiting” and “preparation” is for something much deeper, which is what I have wanted to discover. Lest year I thought I would take a month off work this Advent time to devote myself to exploring what Advent really means. I really wanted to dive deep into it, but I forgot, and haven’t made that space in my work.

I intend to discover diverse ideas and resources about Advent online to challenge and expand my understanding of this time. But at the moment I guess that the fact the Advent period culminates in the revelation of God through Jesus, the waiting and preparation is really for the continual revelation of Jesus in and through our lives, and the shake-up that is bound to bring!